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AI Managed Account

World Market AI Managed Accounts are ideal for those investors who have the capital to invest but lack time and skills to manage and monitor forex accounts. Best for those investors who want professionals to handle their capital. Ideal for companies who want to expand into Forex without active involvement. Highly suitable for investors who want to benefit from the experience and resources of professional funds manager.

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Why Choose World Markets AI Managed Forex Accounts?

  1. 20%-30% average monthly return. Minimum Deposit $2500.
  2. Fully regulated (FCA, CySec, ASIC) and reputable brokers. 
  3. The detailed activity report and real-time access to trading activities.
  4. In Business Since 2003.
  5. Highly experienced and skilled fund managers.
  6. Strategic trading with the aim to prevent losses and produce profits.
  7. Excellent risk management.
  8. 20% account management fee which is very low.
  9. Clients accepted from all over the world.

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