Bitcoin Focus Group Scam Review – David Kramer Fraud Warning

The Bitcoin Focus Group by David Kramer is the latest open entryway exhibited to the money related exchanging industry. It is affirmed to be a demonstration of the Johnson and Rutger focus group, a creation of their 2016 research. Fake applications as often as possible veil themselves as focus groups or beta testing group. Or on the other hand some sort of remarkable exercises as a strategy for constraining people to register. The restricted time video has described by David Kramer – Head Project Manager.

The major concern with The Bitcoin Focus Group is that while it resembles to be positive at first glance, it is really not. David Kramer impersonates a decent approach yet further exploration of his character taps that the video clip has played by a digital humanoid. Similar scam > Crypto Edge

Bitcoin Focus Group

The thing David Kramer displays and advances is Johnson & Rutger’s focus group. It is a mix of informative elements and automated algorithmic programming for profits in Bitcoin and other coins. They assure your earnings of up to $35,000 for participating in the association. There is no extra price other than your primary deposit to your broker account. It operates for both Forex and Binary Options trading. As per the promotional video, you will be asked to furnish your survey of the product with the intention that it can be proposed at a tremendous cost. The annual license for using it will require $36,000 once it is accessible to society. Until then, users of the focus group will utilize it for free!

They state you can make a good income due to the Bitcoin price hike. Be that as it may, the organizers apply unknown social networking profile photos and stock pictures. There is barely anything accurate about the customer recommendations and trading reviews on the website.

Bitcoin Focus Group

Bitcoin Focus Group Scam Project Head 

Bitcoin Focus Group Scam head of venture David Kramer is an invented fellow. Fraudsters made this invented character to present their Bitcoin Focus Group Review application to the world. In all actuality, David Kramer’s photograph has taken from a stock photo site. In addition, you won’t see David Kramer showing up in the video introduction physically. It is on the grounds that there is no genuine individual or venture head of Bitcoin Focus Group scam that exists. Therefore, we are connecting the photograph above for your better judgment.

Bitcoin Focus Group Review Website

It is bewildering to find that the Bitcoin Focus Group Review site isn’t even a month old! Our overview demonstrates that the site has enlisted on 23rd November 2017. Thusly, it is a shiny new organization site that is around 15 days old. At that point why they guarantee that you can procure $35,000 Dollars inside a brief span!

Besides, the client testimonials they show on their site are by paid performing artists. We have revealed them. They are proficient performers from They act as indicated by the content. Those performers are exceptionally well-known for their appearance in advancing fraud applications.

Bitcoin Focus Group

BitcoinFocusGroup Scam Review: 25 Spots Available!

Bitcoin Focus Group System has developed especially to test the new cryptocurrencies. Beta-testing purportedly did at the end of 2016 to awesome results. The coordinators developed from own groups to a more factor group of spectators. This has done as such as to make more balanced information.

The item offers to just 25 number of individuals as it were. Every individual purportedly got a private entry. Our examination confirms that this is only an advancing technique. Anyone can join this BitcoinFocusGroup at any time and there is no time-binding.

Review Verdict: The BitcoinFocusGroup is a SCAM!

The Bitcoin Focus Group is a trick stacked with misdirections, it is proposed to impact you to contribute and lose money with a shady agent. Therefore, maintain a strategic distance from it at any cost!

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